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Marriala Consultants is a leading provider of design-through-manufacturing solutions for engineering and manufacturing companies.

INDUTHERM – your partner for innovative casting solutions

Metal casting technology is our world. From the very beginning we focus exclusively on the development and construction of melting and casting machines and can offer you a broad diversity of machines for many varied utilizations.

Development in close cooperation with our customers

Our casting systems are developed and tested in close cooperation with customers from different sectors: The jewellery industry, rapid prototyping, medicine and dental technologies, automotive and component industries, foundries, mould designers, and even artists can cast their sculptures with our machines. Every user-group has different technical backgrounds, different professional skills and different requirements.

First listening, than engineering

For us, a fundamental issue is always being optimally receptive – and our special strength.
The results of this customer orientation:

  • individual, customized solutions according to the needs of different branches
  • a range of systems that can be highly tuned to your processes – with several tooling and sizing choices as well as numerous optional accessories
  • individual machine set-up thanks to our own software development and generator programming
  • a maximum reliability, even in continuous operation
  • solid advice and support
  • individual and perfectly fitting accessories, spare parts and periphery devices

Our competence is your advantage

Permanent research in metallurgic process engineering is the basis for all our develop­ments. The cooperation with external specialists and engagements in international research projects (e.g. in several European CRAFT Projects) give us additional know how. Each of our clients can take advantage of this competence – by getting an advanced technology and a competent consulting & support. We would be pleased to meet you once at one of the international casting symposiums, at which we frequently participate and where we report about different casting themes.

Every product is only as good as the customer service which supports it.

It is therefore first priority at Indutherm to have proficient sales- and service-partners – all around the globe. You can find the dealer for your country on our website www.indutherm.de in the „company“ section. Thorough training of our sales representatives guarantees an optimum service.

Always in focus: the most economical solution

Our machines are optimized point by point to keep your production costs as low as possible. The easy to service construction may save you a lot of money. New technolo­gies like the vibration casting provide a higher and a more constant quality level as ever realized before. That means for the user: post-processing work is evidently reduced as well as waste castings.
Another example for the high efficiency is the flask lift. Thanks to the flask lift you can use flasks without flange and you will save money twice: flangeless flasks are much cheaper and they require ~60 % less space in your oven (comparing 10 cm Ø flasks with and without flange) – or in other words: with the same energy consumption you can burn up to 60% more flasks!


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